About JPat

J. Patrick Brown is from New Orleans, lives in Boston, and writes and edits words for a living. Here’s his LinkedIn, if you don’t believe him.

He wrote a dumb book called Hungover Owls and he used to be the editor of an alternative newspaper.

Currently, he’s the Executive Editor of MuckRock, where he helps people file public records requests and then writes about the amazing things that come out of them.

Like these CIA cafeteria complaints. There was a Daily Show segment about that one. Or his work with FBI fileswhich written about in the New York Times and tweeted out by a famous person. The NSA’s guide to the internet was pretty great, too.

He’s pretty cool, so why not send him an email? Or follow him on Twitter? His Facebook‘s kind of a mess, though.

Oh, and here’s his PGP key if you’re the PGP type.


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